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SKIN NORMALIZER The sebum-balancing natural 2QT Neem Oil Face Cream is rich in precious ingredients with  smoothing, purifying, astringent, anti lucid, normalising action.
Weight 50 ml
ANTI AGING 2QT Snail Secretion Face Cream has unique properties because it contains all natural components that have been used for years to create skin care moisturisers such as: collagen, allantoin (soothing and elasticising qualities), elastin, vitamins A, C, E, glycogenic acid (stimulates collagen production) and a natural antibiotic with disinfectant qualities.
Weight 50 ml
NATURAL BOTULINUM 2QT iconic Bee Venom Face Cream tightens and plumps the skin for visibly lifted and rejuvenated skin. It's a natural moisturiser wich stimulates the natural production of elastin of our skin, so it repairs all wrinkles, even the deep one with a lifting action on the skin, thus achieving the BOTOX LIKE effect.
Weight 50 ml
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