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Soft and fresh emulsion with Grape Seed and Sweet Almond oil, designed to protect the skin during sun exposure.
Weight 150 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Shower Gel, thanks to the use of high quality ingredients, is an extraordinary product, rich in softness and freshness for the skin. Its soft foam and delicate fragrances will give you a luxurious and enjoyable bath moment.
Weight 250 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Hand Cream is an excellent help to protect your hands, preventing cracking and dryness of the skin. It contains natural active ingredients such as: Donkey milk rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E, polyunsaturated acids, Omega 6, Olive oil, Shea butter, Rosa Mosqueta oil, Almond oil and Calendula extract. The essential oils of Lavender and Lemon leave a pleasant fragrance on the hands.
Weight 100 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Body Lotion thanks to the properties of donkey milk, rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Omega 6 and the antioxidant and protective action of the olive oil, it’s a nutritious product suitable for all types of skin.
Weight 200 ml
Neem is an amazing gift from nature, a plant with many skin healing characteristics.
Weight 100 ml
ANTI INFLAMMANTORY 2QT Devil's Claw Unguent can be used for joint pain and to reduce symptoms of back pain or other rheumatism pains in the shoulders and elbows, or for knee and other joint pains.
Weight 30 ml
FOR HAIR AND SCALP Most of the shampoos have as the main active ingredient a anionic surfactant, whose function is to clean hair and scalp, and it regulates the production of sebum that lubricates the hair shaft . 
Weight 200 ml
ANTI CELLULITE 2QT Caffeine Anti Cellulite Cream is specifically created as a treatment aimed at helping the body to dissolve and to burn the excess fat. It's suitable for all kinds of cellulite. It is a great anti-cellulite cream because of its high content of precious lipolytic, firming, toning, remineralising, cell metabolism and microcirculation reactivating active ingredients.
Weight 200 ml
ANTI CELLULITE The 2QT HIPPOCASTANUM Gel is a reducing body gel, qualified by a high intake of valuable principles lipolytic, firming, toning, mineralizing and revitalizing cell metabolism and microcirculation
Weight 500 ml
Glass dropper for Neem Oil bottle.
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