Perfect mix

Perfect mix

Friday 06 2018

Summer is almost here, but you’re still in time to get in shape! 2QT has the solution for you: just a little physical activity and our two top products. Effective, fast and extremely pleasant, the fantastic combination of Hippocastano Bio Body Gel and Bio Coffee Body Cream. Two innovative products that are using the extraordinary properties of natural ingredients to create a new, active and extremely easy to apply formula.


We know that your time is precious and you don't want to spend it with long and boring beauty treatments. We offer you therefore 5/8 minutes of daily scented and enjoyable beauty hacks!


We know well that the secret of beauty is hydration. It only takes 3 minutes to start the day well: hydrate your body with the Bio Coffee Body Cream. Apply the lotion with a gentle massage, thus offering a pleasant awakening to your body. The result will be a natural hydration (after hours of dehydration at night). You will also stimulate blood circulation and put into action its precious active ingredients.

The extracts of Organic Green Tea, Green Ivy, Green Coffee and Caffeine help prevent the production of free radicals and reduce the imperfections of the skin of the body, leaving your skin smoother, more elastic, toned and fresh thanks to the witch hazel water. So simple right?


But it’s not over yet...

After a tiring day you deserve to round off and enjoy the benefits of the Organic Horse Chestnut Body Gel. We recommend applying the reducing gel with an energetic massage to legs, buttocks and other areas affected by water retention such as abdomen or arms. It takes 5 minutes. The application with no rinsing massage will immediately give you relief, freshness, well-being and the extraordinary benefits of reducing mud packs. The prodigious mix Hippocastanum, Aloe vera and Centella asiatica has a lipolytic, firming, invigorating, re-mineralizing and reactivating action on cellular and microcircular metabolism.


Immediate results: hydrated, fresh, velvety, smooth and perfumed skin.

Long-term results: toned, firm ... and no orange peel effect.

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