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The package includes a Bee Venom and Honey face cream Bio and a Hialuronic acid serum, for a special price -30%!
Weight 400 gr
The pack includes a 2QT Snail secretion and Bitter Orange flowers Face Cream Bio and a Snail secretion, aloe Vera and vitamin E Aftershave Balm, for a spefial price -30!
Weight 400 gr
The pack includes a 2QT Neem oil Shampoo Bio end a 2QT Neem oil and Jojoba Hair cream Bio, for a special price -30%!
Weight 400 gr
The pack includes a 2QT Donkey milk Body lotion Bio and a 2QT Donkey milk Showergel Bio, for a special price -30%!
Weight 400 gr
ANTI AGING 2QT Snail Secretion and Orange Flowers Face Cream Bio thanks to its natural and precious ingredients as Snail secretion serum, Bitter orange flower extract, Cornflower extract and Grape seeds oil helps to prevent and reduce the signs of aging.
Weight 50 gr
ANTIAGEING 2QT Bee Venom Face Cream is an extraordinary moisturizing and anti-aging product for your skin. Its formula includes precious ingredients as Aloe Vera juice, Shea butter, Honey extract, Wheat Germ oil and overall the powerful mixture of proteins and enzymes reproducing the natural venom of bees.
SKIN NORMALIZER 2QT Neem Oil Face Cream is rich in precious ingredients that help to make skin appear smoother, reduce excess sebum, help to reduce and to prevent further spots.
Weight 50 ml
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