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It includes 2QT Rose and Chamomile Face Tonic Bio and 2QT Hyaluronic acid and Snail secretion Bio, for a special price -25%!
Weight 230 ml
The pack includes a 2QT Sea Salt Body Scrub with Kiwi, Black Currant and Avocado Oil extracts and a 2QT Donkey milk Showergel Bio, for a special price -25%!
Weight 500 ml
The pack includes a 2QT Neem oil and Lavender Shampoo Bio and a 2QT 2 in 1 Hair Mask with Linseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Neem Oil Bio, for a special price -25%!
Weight 400 ml
Sea Salt Body Scrub with Kiwi, Black Currant and Avocado Oil extracts.
Weight 300 ml
A natural toothpaste without fluoride, for whiter, protected teeth and healthier gums.
Weight 75 ml
An extraordinary product that with every single application, with its two different molecular weights, will provide the right amount of water to face, neck and decolletage, necessary to maintain the firmness and elasticity of your skin. Enriched with snail slime, it reduces the appearance of signs of premature aging of the skin, wrinkles and dark spots.
Weight 30 ml
ANTI AGING 2QT Snail Secretion and Orange Flowers Face Cream Bio thanks to its natural and precious ingredients as Snail secretion serum, Bitter orange flower extract, Cornflower extract and Grape seeds oil helps to prevent and reduce the signs of aging.
Weight 50 gr
ANTIAGEING 2QT Bee Venom Face Cream is an extraordinary moisturizing and anti-aging product for your skin. Its formula includes precious ingredients as Aloe Vera juice, Shea butter, Honey extract, Wheat Germ oil and overall the powerful mixture of proteins and enzymes reproducing the natural venom of bees.
Weight 50 ml
SKIN NORMALIZER 2QT Neem Oil Face Cream is rich in precious ingredients that help to make skin appear smoother, reduce excess sebum, help to reduce and to prevent further spots.
Weight 50 ml
2 in 1 Hair Mask enriched with Linseed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Bio Neem Oil that give hair natural softness and brightness. The amino acids of vegetable origin contained in it make the hair stronger and more elastic.
Weight 200 ml
Non-alcoholic, moisturizing and anti-wrinkle aftershave balm, helps to reduce irritation caused by shaving.
Weight 50 ml
2QT Ruby Face Scrub was formulated as a face treatment for the skin exfoliation, it's suitable for all kinds of skin, especially for impure and shiny skins. It exfoliates, stimulates moisturizes and renews your skin after using it.
Weight 50 ml
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