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FOR HAIR AND SCALP Its formula based on organic Neem Oil and Levander Bio gently cleans your scalp and hair, and helps against dandruff, to regulate the production of sebum and to make your hair look healthy and shiny.
Weight 200 ml
Unisex Natural Deodorant with Talcum Powder fragrance.
Weight 75 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Shower Gel, thanks to the use of high quality ingredients, is an extraordinary product, rich in softness and freshness for the skin. Its soft foam and delicate fragrances will give you a luxurious and enjoyable bath moment.
Weight 200 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Body Lotion Bio thanks to the properties of donkey milk, rich in vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Omega 6 and the antioxidant and protective action of the olive oil, it’s a nutritious product suitable for all types of skin.
Weight 200 ml
The 2QT Donkey Milk Hand Cream Bio is an excellent help to protect your hands, preventing cracking and dryness of the skin. It contains natural active ingredients such as: Donkey milk rich in vitamin A, B, C, D and E, polyunsaturated acids, Omega 6, Olive oil, Shea butter, Rosa Mosqueta oil, Almond oil and Calendula extract. The essential oils of Lavender and Lemon leave a pleasant fragrance on the hands.
Weight 100 ml
The Pack includes all three 2QT Donkey Milk Bio products: Shower Gel, Hand Cream and Body Lotion with a special price.
Weight 500 ml
2QT Aloe Vera and Olive Oil Face Cleansing milk is an emulsion containing organic Aloe Vera gel, Olive Oil well known for its soothing and restoring action, Sweet Almond Oil and Chamomile extract with its hydrating, nourishing and decongesting action.
Weight 200 ml
2QT Rose and Chamomile Face Tonic Bio is our great product you should add to your beauty routine. It is gentle yet very effective, it's the secret weapon for a healthy skin.
Weight 200 ml
2QT Devil's Claw Unguent is an useful help for give relief for joint pain, back pain, shoulders and elbows pains.
Weight 30 ml
2QT Body Gel with Hippocastan Bio is a pleasant and refreshing gel with precious ingredients as the Centella Asiatica extract, with its active ingredients increases the elasticity of the skin, and the Organic Hippocastanum extract, with its draining and anti age properties.
Weight 500 ml
The 2QT Caffeine Body Lotion Bio is a body lotion rich in plant extracts as Organic Green Tea, Green Ivy, Green Coffee and Caffeine that help to restore the skin moisture, elasticity and tone. The Witch-hazel water gives a pleasant freshness to the emulsion.
Weight 200 ml
Its firmula wad designed for oily, impure, dry and acne skin.
Weight 100 gr
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