Why should you use it?

Why should you use it?

Tuesday 06 2018

The daily use of the Tonic is a fundamental gesture for the care and beauty of the skin, but often neglected or little known. It is an important intermediate step between cleansing and hydration of facial skin.


Why should you use it?

It is a last step of daily facial cleansing and beauty routine, since it goes to deeply free pores from the cleansing milk leftover, makeup leftover, and dead cells, leaving the skin free to breathe and in the case of our 2QT Face Tonic, it  goes to close the pores thanks to the astringent properties of the Organic Damascene Rose.

It is a lotion formulated to rebalance the pH and moisture of the skin after the use of soaps and detergents (which can alter the pH of the skin, dry, or leave oily residues). The 2QT tonic is enriched with Aloe Vera Bio juice to help soothe the redness and inflammation of the face.

It is a lotion with a density very similar to water, this allows to moisturize  the deeper layers of skin and it prepares it for the application of the moisturizing cream.


How to use it?

The Tonic 2QT has a delicate formula, so it can be used twice a day (except in cases of hypersensitivity to one or more of the ingredients), in the morning (to refresh the skin and eliminate dead cells due to the night cell renewal) and in the evening after the normal cleansing of the face for the man or the removal of makeup in the case of the woman. It is applied gently on the face and neck with the help of a cotton pad. When the skin is dry you can apply the face cream.

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